Fists & Blades Medellín

It’s actually me – if you haven’t realised yet, please take a look at the videos again. This is what I do besides Graphic Design. I basically work as a personal trainer/coach, teaching Filipino Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu to individuals and small groups. Included in my service: the Train & Travel Program where I receive people from all over the world to not only teach them intensively in Martial Arts but also take them on a journey! Rather to small trips in and around Medellín or even to travels in Colombia, Nicaragua and Mexico while we train in the coolest spots those countries have to offer.

So let’s say I’m a personal martial arts instructor ad travel guide in one person located in Medellín, waiting for you to take you on a martial arts train and travel trip! For those that have been training with me wanting to keep up I also offer Online Training Videos too and since Corona has screwed us all over I started teaching online classes too. So check me out on: // YouTube // Instagram // Facebook

To raise popularity of my brand I have constantly been working on concept, design, marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and SEO producing flyers, posters, patches, business cards, websites and newsletters. I am writing a Martial Arts Training and Travel Blog and I record and edit videos and clips to promote the FISTS & BLADES TRAINING in Medellín.

Seb Andreas
Fists & Blades Medellín