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Once a small, non-descript fishing village along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Playa del Carmen began its new and improved life as a major tourist destination back in the 70s. Playa (as the locals call it) was selected as the port to serve tens of thousands of tourists arriving, just offshore, on the island of Cozumel—a noted diving destination.

To the delight of many and the dismay of others, Playa del Carmen has experienced a period of huge growth over the past few years. In fact, economic indicators show that Playa del Carmen is easily the fastest growing city in Mexico and many suggest, all Latin America.

Playa del Carmen: The Riviera Maya’s Seaside Jewel in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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Best population estimates place Playa’s number at around 250,000 in 2017 and still growing. This number represents nearly a 100% increase since 2005.

Bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, along Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Playa del Carmen deserves its reputation as a popular vacation destination and growing expat stronghold. As the midway point between Cancún on the north end of the Riviera Maya, and Tulúm on the south, Playa del Carmen shares the same clear, tropical waters, palm-studded white sand, and favorable climate that draws some 5 million tourists to this area, each year. Temperatures remain anchored in the mid-80s F for most of the year with the hottest summer days easily exceeding 90 F under brilliant blue skies and a blazing sun. It’s best to always have a cold drink handy.


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