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Living the Dream in Medellín – my City of Choice

Colombia has moved mountains to shake off its narco reputation, and Medellín is at the forefront of this national reinvention, picking up a string of awards for its innovative civic projects and commitment to sustainable urban development.

Colombia’s second city is also blessed with a temperate climate and a valley location that prevents the city from becoming too large and unmanageable. But what makes it such a good destination for remote workers and digital nomads?

Forget what you’ve heard about Medellin. Its street art tells the story of a city reborn into a modern, community-oriented destination.

Why should digital nomads choose Medellín?

Many of Medellín’s growing population of digital nomads were lured south from North America by the city’s low cost of living, good weather and solid infrastructure for remote working – from widespread wi-fi to a burgeoning coffee-shop culture. Medellín also has a good support network for new arrivals, with numerous digital nomad groups arranging regular social events. The scene started small in Medellín, but the city has a growing buzz, and it’s fast becoming one of the top nomad stops in the Americas. On top of this, you get culture, hospitable locals and great food and nightlife. Being in a similar time zone to the United States also doesn’t hurt, particularly for nomads with stateside clients. However, to get the best out of living in Medellín, you’ll need to speak good Spanish, something that will also open doors when networking with other entrepreneurs.

A guide to Medellín for digital nomads
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4 JANUARY 2021


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